Heliosphere BAG intragastric balloon:

Heliosphere BAG is a non-surgical temporary intragastric balloon system used to treat obesity with an implantation duration of 6 months.

The volume of the Heliosphere BAG balloon is 550 cm3 (10 cm in diameter). The lightness of the air-filled Heliosphere balloon limits nausea and vomiting (less than 30 grams).

In addition to weight loss, the long-term objective is to change eating habits by learning to eat reasonable amounts.


The BAG intragastric balloon reference is used in the following cases:

  • Patients with obesity (BMI of 30 to 40) that puts them at serious medical risk
  • Patients with type 2 diabetes that is difficult to control due to overweight
  • Patients with an indication for obesity surgery (BMI > 40 or BMI > 35 with a co-morbidity factor) with a contraindication to anesthesia or surgery or who refuse to have surgery

For pre-operative use or for morbid obesity, the use of the HELIOSPHEREŽ BAG PRE OP intragastric balloon is recommended.